Jobs Near Light Rail – Are you a returning Veteran?


Jobs Near Light Rail – Are you a returning Veteran?

Are you a Vet? Returned from your tour and trying to find that job again? Been looking for awhile but have not found it yet?

Look no further. We can help!

Doesn’t it seems just like a mission to search and locate that enemy fighter in the foxhole? He is around here somewhere, but just where should you look next?

I chatted recently with Cindy, a member of one of the veterans local support groups who confirmed, “Many veterans have had a hard time to return from their tour and pick up their lives from where they left off”.

It is understandable that over the course of one or two years may things can and have changed on the home front and job front. She added: “this is such a tough time in the economy that everyone is scrambling to find any job that is available. It is hard sometimes to know where to even start to look!”

While some companies have and will keep a position open for a returning veteran, others are so small that they must fill the vacated position immediately to survive, especially in these challenging economic times.

We have a local fresh and updated search option for a constant stream of jobs that are also conveniently located where you can use public transportation if and when needed.

You will find it today on the popular local website Click on the JOBS section and view over 130 “application ready” jobs posted by employers.

One very big advantage these jobs have is that you will find them on or near light rail in Phoenix, Tempe or Mesa. While some may not care or even be aware of this option, many others certainly are. The cost to own, maintain and add gas to even an extra car can be ove$300-400 per month. Dumping that extra expense is no different than demanding and receiving a pay raise!

Be sure to check it Jobs today and regularly. Defend your position. Take the initiative and don’t let someone else steal that job from you!

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