This Arrogant B(utcher) Deserves His Name

By: John Kelly, ASU Intern

Upon first glance, one would not expect Cityscape’s newest resident The Arrogant Butcher to tantalize the taste buds with some of the most delicious fare known to man*. But, true to its name, this place certainly has a right to call its food delicious. The Arrogant Butcher is the newest brainchild of Sam Fox of Fox Restaurant Concepts. The very same company responsible for such gastrointestinal phenomena as Olive & Ivy, Modern Steak, Culinary Dropout, North, and Sauce to name a few. This younger brother certainly has a bit of a Napoleon Complex, what with the oversized lampshades and unabashed name, but it is well-deserved. Upon entering the restaurant, the thought crosses one’s mind that the Butcher received most of its older sibling’s hand-me-downs with rather bare walls, a casual atmosphere and some mismatched furniture but those thoughts are soon swayed by the smell of raw animal flesh searing on the grill and enormous crap legs sitting on ice right in front of the kitchen.

The food itself was out-of-this-world delicious. For appetizers, they offer a range of fresh meats and cheeses as well as a warm pretzel with provolone fondue that warmed the cockles like no pretzel ever has. The drink list was extensive, especially the wines and were served at an ostensible price for the quality of food. Being such a strict red meat critic, the most expensive bone-in ribeye was ordered ($35). Weighing in at 18 ounces, this was certainly worth every penny and the medium-rare taste did not disappoint.

Cityscape is located on the corner of 1st St. and Jefferson in Downtown Phoenix with the closest light rail stop located just a block away. The Arrogant Butcher is one of the only restaurants currently open inside Cityscape but if its successors prove to be half the man the Butcher is, the Cityscape development is sure to have a winning combination on its hands.

*This statement not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, merely an intern

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