Moreno’s Mexican Grill in Tempe

Morenos Mexican Grill in TempeJohn Kelly

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The Best Mex in Tempe

Moreno’s Mexican Grill in Tempe is located on the Southeast corner of Rural Rd. and University Dr. right across from the light rail station located on the west side of Rural Rd. It has a fantastic selection of relatively inexpensive but purely authentic Mexican cuisine. While admittedly, there is not much room for expansion or innovation with Mexican food, Moreno’s Grill does a great job of using only the freshest ingredients to create dishes, tacos and burritos that will make you believe you are in the heart of Central America.

Moreno’s has 3 locations, the original location being on Home Rd. and Broadway Rd. in Mesa, with another arriving in Chandler a few years later and their newest location in Tempe. As soon as you walk in the door, you are exposed to a sensory overload of nostalgic sights, sounds and smells. You are greeted enthusiastically by one of the employees with the familiar “hola amigos” as your ears pick up the uniquely Latin American music coming from the jukebox in the corner; the constant grilling of carne asada, chicken, and seafood overload your olfactory system and whisk you away to that last vacation you took to the Mexican Riviera.

The bar and drink selection is equally as impressive and will leave you singing Latin love songs and shaking maracas just like a Mariachi band (disclaimer: the previously described actions may or may not have been induced by a margarita and tequila-filled stupor; but either way, patrons are sure to enjoy themselves). As a personal favorite, the chicken fajita burrito, enchilada style, satisfies my hunger in ways not many other forms of Mexican food are able to. It is a relatively simple, but expertly prepared with fresh ingredients, burrito to create: red and green peppers, onions and chicken, all grilled to perfection along with rice, cheese and cilantro on the inside and red enchilada sauce drizzled over the top. Another fan favorite are the fish tacos. They are served as simply as you would find on the beach in Baja with fried fish, cabbage and a unique Baja sauce that resembles sour cream. All-in-all, Moreno’s Grill is a fantastic place to feast on some delicious and authentic Mexican cuisine that won’t hurt your wallet or your bowels.

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