Apartment Complex Rentals on Light Rail

We are providing a list of some popular apartment complex and communities at the closest Station Stop on light rail. If you think we have missed one, please comment or email and we will include it on a later post.
Apartments on Light Rail in Phoenix – Tempe – Mesa

Montebello/19th Ave Station
Wishing Well II Apartments         5530 N. 17th Ave, Phoenix                        602.249.2286
Bella Solano                                      5656 N. 17th Ave, Phoenix                        602.242.5902

19th Ave/Camelback Station
Villager Apartments                        5110 N. 19th Ave, Phoenix                        602-246-7518
Park Lee Apartments                     1600 W. Highland Ave, Phoenix                602.264.1195
Camelot Apartments                      1601 W. Camelback, Phoenix                     302.274.0406
Christown Manor II                        5045 N. 17th Ave, Phoenix                         602.266.3336
Solano Park Apartments                5250 N. 17th Ave, Phoenix                         602.405.2821
The Pines of Camelback                 4802 N. 19th Ave, Phoenix                         602.249.4464
Canyon Place                                    4715 N. Black Canyon, Phoenix                  602.256.6895

7th Ave/Camelback Station
Apartments on Pasadena             320 W. Pasadena Ave, Phoenix                  602.361.7058    Riviera on 7th                                 909 W. Colter Street, Phoenix                    602.264.5265     

Campbell/Central Ave Station
The Pavilions on Central               1 W. Campbell, Phoenix                              602.795.1300
Monarch Apartments                    77 W. Coolidge Street, Phoenix                  602.277.2778
Lexington on Central                     10 W. Minnezona, Phoenix                         602.795.2100
Paseo Verde Apartments             4444 N. 7th Street, Phoenix                       602.277.8170

Indian School/Central Ave Station
Empirian on Central                        4140 N. Central Ave, Phoenix                  602.795.3555
Forest Park Apartments                3800 N. 6th Ave, Phoenix                         602.266.4978
The Hawthorne                                3848 N. 3rd Ave, Phoenix                         602.604.8643
Clarendon Park                                222 W. Clarendon Ave, Phoenix               602.595.0468

Osborne/Central Ave Station
The Phoenix Apartment                3653 N. 6th Ave, Phoenix                          602.279.5891
Academy Apartments                    3634 N. 5th Ave, Phoenix                          602.200.8381
Andover Park                                  3633 3rd Ave, Phoenix                               602.212.1171

McDowell/Central Ave Station
Coronado Gardens                          137 E. Coronado Rd, Phoenix                    602-256-6895

Roosevelt/Central Ave Station
Roosevelt Square                            121 W. Portland, Phoenix                          866.782.9934

Van Buren/Central Ave Station
Alta Phoenix Lofts                           600 N. 4th Street, Phoenix                       602.374.7133
The Met                                            200 E. Fillmore, Phoenix                           602.258.6387
Camden Copper Square                 901 E. Van Buren Street, Phoenix            602.258.6387

Priest Drive/Washington Station
Mandarina                                       5402 E. Washington, Phoenix                    602.225.0055

Center Pkwy/Washington Station
The Lofts at Rio Salado                  1033 N. Parkside Dr, Tempe                     602.685.9000
Dorsey/Apache Blvd Station
Dorsey Place Rentals                      1275 E. University Dr, Tempe                   480.967.2110
The Crossroads                               1010 E Orange, Tempe                               480.966.8540

McClintock/Apache Blvd Station
Grigio Metro                                    1811 E. Apache Blvd, Tempe                      480.966.0122
Gateway at Tempe                         1655 E. University Dr, Tempe                    480.699.5333

Smith-Martin/Apache Blvd Station
Campus Suites on the Rail            1730 E. Apache, Tempe                                 480.966.3300
Cameron Creek                              1975 E. University Dr, Tempe                      480.921.1347
Block 1949 (opening soon)           1949 E. University Dr, Tempe                      480.894.1949

Price-101 Fwy/Apache Blvd Station
Apache Station                                2323 E. Apache Blvd, Tempe                       480.659.2600
Villages at McClintock                    1701 E. Don Carlos, Tempe                           602.967.7357
Villa Tree Apartments                   1750 N. Price Rd, Tempe                              480.894.9696
Coral Point Apartments                 2343 W. Main St, Mesa                                 480.844.4000
Pala Mesa                                         2433 W. Main St, Mesa                                 480.659.1300

Sycamore/Main Street Station
Madera Point                                   445 S. Dobson, Mesa                                      480.827.8465
Broadway Village                            2107 W. Broadway, Mesa                              480.898.8986
Tradewinds                                      2145 W. Broadway, Mesa                              480.833.4275
Brookview                                        1940 W. University, Mesa                             480.962.6222

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