Deaf Seniors: This One’s For You

ASL Apache Trails on Light RailTempe Arizona
Apache ASL Trails Community
Light Rail Property


This project is directly on the Light Rail line in Tempe Arizona.

This is one niche you don’t hear about often. A senior community for deaf and hard-of-hearing seniors. It is being planned in Tempe AZ. The project is a $25 million size and is supposed to be the largest of its kind in the country. My wife was telling me about it and I said ‘What, I can’t hear you’

This project plans for 75 apartments and 50 owner-occupied condominiums for people age 55+. As the population lives longer, there will be more and more who fit in that category. My wife and I rent a home to a young couple who is deaf AND mute. They would be prime candidates in 25 years.

The architects will plan and design features that eliminate sight barriers. There will be other smart design features that will assist the residents and owners. Some are color-coded strobe lights to alert residents of doorbells and phone ringing.

Cardinal Capital Management Inc., a Wisconsin development company, intends to have residents living in the development as early as spring 2009.

Just more than a dozen states have similar facilities.

The State of Arizona has an approximate 500,000 deaf and hard-of-hearing people who live in the State of Arizona. The agency further estimates there are maybe one third who would be eligible.


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