A Streetcar Named…Tempe??!?!

Well, don’t laugh. It may become an actual reality.

 Tempe AZ

Tempe AZ is discussing plans to build a modern street car system on several downtown routes. The idea would be to link the city center with areas that are in the south, maybe as far as Chandler. Now that would be news…

The question will be discussed this summer, and will include actually where to run the tracks on which street. First it was Mill, but Ash is also up for discussion. Mill may be a little tight.

Street Car Named Desire

Streetcar construction would likely be a less disruptive proposition than the light rail work. The streetcar is lighter, so crews don’t have to dig as deep into the street or move as many utilities. The utility relocation is the most agonizing part of construction.

So now for the numbers (and we are in a recession). The project could cost about $150 to $175 million, but not all local money. About $75 million could come from you guessed it: Washington. 

Stay tuned for more updates.


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