Safety and Conduct on the Light Rail:

For years the valley has been in dire need of reliable public transportation and with the addition of Phoenix’s Metro Light Rail system cutting through much of the metropolitan area, this need has finally been met. While cities like New York and Washington D.C. have grown quite accustomed to mass transit and the subtleties of proper etiquette for riding the subways, we Phoenicians might need a bit of coaching. For example, in the sweltering summer heat is it acceptable to cling to the railing above your head exposing your armpit to the nearest rider? Is that 16-year-old kid really allowed to use the seat cushion as a personal gum receptacle?  And perhaps most importantly you might be asking yourself how long you’ll be exposed to the blaring German death metal from that man’s inappropriately loud headphones? With music preferences and strange smells aside, Metro Light Rail has identified some important rules for proper conduct and safety while utilizing the light rail system as outlined below.

Firstly alcohol, tobacco and flammable, explosive and hazardous materials are strictly forbidden as is the consumption of food. Non-service animals must be secured in a cage or case on the individual’s lap while groceries and liquids must also be stored safely away. Vandalism, skateboarding, rollerblading and riding bikes are strictly forbidden inside the cars and on or near platforms.

Secondly proper riding etiquette details that respect for disabled passenger seating be adhered to as well as patience and order in the aisles. Lastly responsible riders should stay clear of the edge of the platform and be mindful of all small children near the tracks. All Metro Light Rail rules and regulations were enacted with public safety in mind and disregard for these rules could result in a monetary fine.

So while not clearly labeled as such, perhaps it would be a good idea in the future to turn down that rock music and swipe on an extra layer of deodorant, Phoenix metro riders will surely be appreciative. Happy travels.

*All information compiled from the Valley Metro Light Rail website

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