Dave’s Electric Brewpub in Tempe

Dave's Electric BrewpubDave’s Electric Brewpub in Tempe is the newest addition to the infamous brand that has caressed the hearts and palates of Arizonans for the past 23 years. Its claim to fame is the fact that it is the oldest microbrewery in Arizona. 23 years may not seem like a long time when compared to the likes of Anheiser-Busch or Samuel Adams, however, microbreweries were just legalized in the past quarter-century. “Electric” Dave was the founder and started honing his craft in the historic town of Bisbee, AZ. The historic town was the site of the first microbrewery with the rugged and Western feel of the region influencing such libations as: OK Ale (a creative take on the OK Corral), Industrial Pale Ale, and Old Frog Grog. “Electric” Dave, possibly as an ode to himself, also created a lager; aptly named Dave’s Electric Lager. These four brews have been the backbone of Dave’s brewing operation since its inception, however, new beers are being experimented with as we speak. The pricing is as follows: $4 pints, $11 pitchers, $21 tower (a wonder to behold), and a $4 beer sampler (recommended for first-timers). Happy hour is from 4-7pm and 10:30-midnight weekdays plus all day Sunday.

Dave's Electric Brewpub

The gastronomic wonders produced in Dave’s kitchen are equally as authentic and feature everything from the Copper Mine BBQ Chicken Pizza to classic hamburgers to the Gotta Love St Elmo’s Mac ‘n Cheese all priced for under $10. The culinary creations often feature a touch of Southwestern swagger and compliment the beer on tap perfectly.

The Tempe location is nestled snuggly around the infamous Mill Ave., Tempe Butte (commonly known as “A” Mountain), and the Mill Ave. Transit Center which features a Light Rail stop directly across the street. This is an incredibly convenient feature of the area since parking is not ideal in downtown Tempe, nor is driving under the influence (not that you would ever want to leave).

***On a side note, this esteemed author actually submitted his entry into a contest to name the brewpub’s newest pale ale. Since the Tempe brewery is located adjacent to “A Mountain” and the patio actually faces the mountain, I entered the name: pAle Mountain IPA with an emphasis on the capital “A” in pAle. I hope to also submit a graphically designed label with the “A” resembling A Mountain’s (if you loyal followers vote for it and I win I promise to treat each and every one of you to the beer of your choice!)***

See the bottom of the article for a complete rundown of Dave’s Electric brews taken directly from their website, daveselectricbrewpub.com, which include ABV and IBU’s for you discerning beer lovers.

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John Kelly

Dave’s Electric Lager

This lager is golden in color, finishes smooth with a suggestion of hops.
Alcohol: 3.9%
IBUs: 21.0

Industrial Pale Ale (IPA)

Dark amber in color, this IPA is complex in flavor and finishes smooth on the palette.
Alcohol: 6%
IBUs: 17.0

OK Ale

This pale ale is amber in color, mildly hopped with a smooth finish.
Alcohol: 5.1%
IBUs: 31.5

Old Frog Grog

This oatmeal stout is dark brown in color, malty, with a mildly hopped finish.
Alcohol: 3.9%
IBUs: 21.0

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